Tokyo 2006 - Besucherstimmen

The audience was dumb struck by Gruber's dynamic and delicate performance of his magic piano which blended so perfectly with Sawato's masterful benshi-narration. Six film critics and editors have stayed after the presentation to chat with G.Gruber and Midori Sawato. They unanimously praised the duo's high quality performance and the sponsorship of the austrian embassy for this unique cultural project.

We didn't know what was silent film nor benshi until yesterday.
The story was interesting but because of Mr.Gruber's piano and Ms. Sawato's narration, we experienced feelings beyond conventional films. We were flabbergasted. Thank you indeed.
Wish such presentation would be shown more to the younger generations.

Special Film Premiere at FCCJ. The chemistry of Sawato-san's seasoned, impersonated narration and Mr. Gruber's improvised piano accompaniment was just superb!! 

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